Due to the large amount of data, obtained as a result of laser scanning, organizations that work with point clouds often face difficulties due to the need to store, manage, and provide access to massive data for use in different CAD systems.

To solve this problem and to significantly increase the efficiency of working with point clouds, we suggest using Trimetari Enterprise – the Leica Cyclone Enterprise solution deployed on the Trimetari Consulting server. In this case, files with point clouds and panoramas are stored in a single copy on the server, which does not require multiple copying of data for distribution between departments, contractors or contractors. Working with laser scanning data is carried out through Leica CloudWorx plug-ins installed on CAD, this eliminates the need to convert data into different formats for import into various CAD systems. In addition to reducing the load on client machines, CloudWorx plugins provide additional functionality for working with laser scan data, available in a standard CAD interface that is familiar to the user. Leica CloudWorx plugins are currently available for AutoCAD, Revit, Bentley, Navisworks, AVEVA PDMS, BricsCAD, SolidWorks, Intergraph Smart Review, Smart 3D, PDS, SolidWorks, and Leica Cyclone 3DR.

Data can also be accessed through the free Leica TruView viewer, or through a browser from any device connected to the Internet, including mobile devices (Leica TruViewLive).

The main functions of Leica TruView and Leica TruViewLive:

  • Various data visualization formats
  • Viewing as photo panoramas or moving in 3D space
  • Segmentation of point clouds, creating sections
  • Joint viewing of point clouds and vector 3D models, for example in IFC format
  • Measurements: linear, angular, areal
  • Arrangement of annotations, tags and hyperlinks to external documents

The data is securely protected. The server is equipped with a high-performance 32x-core processor, RAID array of SSD drives, works in conjunction with a NAS to store large data arrays, is connected to the Internet via a 400 Mb/s channel for writing and 200 Mb/s for reading. Cost of provision access to the Trimetari Enterprise service is calculated based on the amount of data and the period of access.