Our main business is 3d laser scanning and digital modeling services, which we have been working with since 2010. For a long time scanning was a new technology, our customers had little understanding of working with point clouds, so we usually provided 2D drawings as the result. However, with the growing popularity of BIM and 3D design, especially for industrial facilities, Scan2BIM service has become a standard part of our activities. The modeling in CAD and GIS with and without point clouds, BIM technologies, calculations and data analysis from 3D measurements – here is it in general and many examples in the Projects section .

Companies that are going to implement 3D laser scanning can request training, consulting services or invite us to participate in their own project to be sure of the high quality of the result.

Perhaps the most exciting part of our work is making of digital twins of industrial and civil construction objects. At first, we worked only as a laser scanning service provider, but as time went on, we started to take on more and more functions of a system integrator. For PEPSICO we created a Trimetari ENTERPRISE server based on Hexagon’s solution, a simple visual replica of an industrial enterprise, and now we provide this client-server cloud solution for other companies as well. After a number of projects, we came up with the idea of creating our own solution – TetraVis, a simple turnkey digital twin, which we launched as an MVP in 2023 and are actively developing. In addition, we have worked with complex digital twin software solutions from Siemens, Hexagon and Bimeister, that we are also very proud of.