What are the advantages of your service? I can request technical assistance from my distributor of equipment/software?

Sure, you can. But, please, do not forget that the distributor’s main business is selling, so his solutions and recommendations are sometimes limited to another offer of their produce. Furthermore the distributor’s support engineers are familiar with only one range of equipment, the one sold by the distributor. Our advantage is not only our independence but also our knowledge of a variety of scanning systems and software. The completeness of information is a guarantee of successful solutions. All together we deliver conclusions, based on the collective knowledge of our experts. It is the only way to ensure the optimality of decisions.


I want to buy a laser scanner but not sure which one to choose. Can you choose the right model to meet my needs?

Yes. You describe your needs, typical projects and work conditions. On the ground of these data, we give recommendations. We will help you not only to choose the right model of a laser scanning system but also to integrate it with your conventional survey equipment.


I have purchased a laser scanner but have not completed a training course (or a training course was not enough). Is it possible to get training from your community?

Yes, we will compose an educational program depending on configuration of your scanning system, activity types and of course your wish. In any case we strongly recommend carrying out your first real project under the guidance of an experienced expert. It will guarantee a high quality of result and which is not least importantly allow you to gain a practical experience.


I want to start up my 3D laser scanning business, but not sure how to organize my operating process (or not sure that my operating process is optimal). Do you offer consulting services?

Yes, sure, we can provide you with an independent expert evaluation of your company’s operating process. On the basis of this evaluation we will give optimisation recommendations.


I start working with a 3D laser scanner and already have a jillion problems. Could you help me?

Yes, for this kind of users we offer our technical support service – our experts will promptly solve your technical troubles.