Data Processing

Building 3D CAD and BIM models

Processing of laser scanning data in the vast majority of cases is the most labor-intensive, time-consuming and complex stage. If a highly detailed three-dimensional information model is required as the final result, the time ratio between field surveying and data processing can reach 1:10 or more.

Therefore, in order to ensure that you are always satisfied with working with us, we always discuss a number of issues:

  • LOD, the level of model refinement, is a key parameter that determines the processing time. To have the most detailed vector model is very tempting, but also very expensive. 
  • Regardless of the end result agreed upon in the ToR, we always provide our clients with access to the raw data in a format that is convenient for them. This can be a simple desktop viewer, Leica TruView, or it can be to host your data on our Trimetari ENTERPRISE server with temporary free access. Clients we work with on a regular basis always take advantage of this option, as the 3D data can be viewed by all of the client’s specialists, regardless of their CAD skills or experience with 3D applications.

What data processing options we offer:

  • Leveling and georeferencing;  
  • Creation of topographic plans;
  • Construction of sections and profiles of linear objects;
  • Creation of plans, sections, facade drawings, plans of building interiors;
  • Creation of three-dimensional models in CAD;
  • Calculations of volumes and areas of surfaces;
  • Analysis of deviations when comparing scanning data with vector model or previous survey data to record changes over time.

What we can provide as an end result:

  • Point clouds in any format;
  • Panoramic tours;
  • Vector 2D/3D models in CAD formats;
  • Text and graphical reports with the results of calculations, deviation analysis;  
  • Our unique offer: simple digital twin in TetraVis format;
  • Our unique offer: we provide free access to your data for a month via Trimetari ENTERPRISE server solution.

We offer a production outsourcing service: processing of 3D data from any sensor and provide the final result in the format you need.