If you want to increase the performance of your business processes related to laser scanning or just start up your “three-dimensional” business, you need information.

You need advice, opinion of independent experts having good experience in solving of various problems.

There could be yours among them: How to introduce a new technology into your production process? Should you buy a scanning system or just rent? How many scanner operators, land surveyors and office technicians do you need for complete effectiveness? What laser scanner should you choose to meet your specific needs? Where should you train technicians? What level of qualification is required? How to set the right price for laser scanning work? If you have asked these and many others questions, you are in the right place.

Our consulting services include but are not limited to:

  • independent expert evaluation of effectiveness of terrestrial laser scanning use,
  • improvement recommendations regarding business processes related to 3D laser scanning,
  • cost optimization for adoption of laser scanning technology.

If your needs are not listed above we are always ready to discuss your questions and find the right answers for them. Please have a look at Consulting FAQ to learn more.