Web-hosting of laser scanning data

on the Trimetari ENTERPRISE server

Even if vector data is needed as the final result, raw point clouds will be useful and in most cases the customer will also receive them together with the rest of the materials.

One day of surveying with a modern ground scanner means billions of measurements + hundreds of photopanoramic images. A high-quality survey of even a small industrial facility or several floors of a residential building under construction means several days of work, dozens and even hundreds of gigabytes of information. Providing storage, access control and the ability to quickly view, analyze and process a certain part of the footage is almost always a challenge.

These challenges can be solved with our Trimetari ENTERPRISE server, organized around Hexagon’s Leica Cyclone ENTERPRISE solution. Customer projects with point clouds and panoramas are stored on our server and securely accessed over the Internet. Multiple users can connect to each project at the same time, so there is no need to repeatedly copy and transfer projects from computer to computer. There are two ways to work with the data:

  • With Leica CloudWorx, which are plug-ins for CAD. Streaming clouds from the Trimetari ENTERPRISE server to CAD systems via CloudWorx allows designers to work with point clouds in a familiar environment, while the results of cloud processing are represented as objects in the corresponding design systems. Leica CloudWorx plug-ins are currently implemented for products from Autodesk (AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks), Bentley (MicroStation), AVEVA (PDMS), Dassault Systemes (SolidWorks), Hexagon (Smart Review, Smart 3D, PDS, Cyclone 3DR, BricsCAD).
  • With the free Leica TruView viewer: via browser from a computer/mobile device connected to the internet or from a standalone application. TruView offers simple functionality in addition to visualizing point clouds and 3D models, it also allows you to view photographic panoramas, perform geometric measurements, as well as tagging with comments and hyperlinks to external documents.

We allow IT-services of the customer to independently manage access to their projects and user rights.

Our server is equipped with a high-performance 32-core processor, RAID-array of SSD-disks, works together with NAS to store large arrays of data, is connected to the Internet via 400 Mb/s write and 200 Mb/s read, physically located in St. Petersburg.

Upon request for our clients we provide test access to projects on the Trimetari ENTERPRISE server for up to 3 months. Further the cost of access to the service is calculated based on the volume of data and terms.