Staircase section. Point cloud and drawing.In May 2014 specialists of Trimetari Consulting LLC completed the work on architectural measurements by laser scanning of the building of the Naval Academy named after N.G. Kuznetsova, St. Petersburg, Russia. Based on the results of the 3D laser scanning, it was required to perform dimensional drawings of the interior spaces and ladders, including: plans, vertical sections, sweeps of walls with bas-reliefs, ceilings, as well as details, doorfills, staircase barriers and templates. The work was carried out by the laser scanner FARO Focus 3D.

The results of 3D scanning are provided to the customer in the form of a point cloud in a format suitable for import into Autodesk AutoCAD and a complete set of measurement drawings.

Architecture drawing of bas-reliefs of the Naval Academy buildingThe building of the Naval Academy named after Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Kuznetsov was built in 1938-1941 in the style of Stalin’s classicism, architects Vasiliev, Romanovsky, Merzhanov. In 2001 the building of the academy was included by the government in the “List of newly identified objects of historical, scientific, artistic or other cultural value”.

The use of laser scanning in the restoration design at the surveying stage significantly increases the speed of receipt and accuracy of the original documentation, which improves the quality of the restoration project.