In November 2023, Trimetari Consulting specialists performed ground laser scanning and BIM modelling of office space in one of the towers of the Abu Dhabi Plaza multifunctional complex.

Qazaqstan Tower from the Abu Dhabi Plaza complex is currently the tallest building in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. The 75-storey skyscraper is 311 metres high and houses offices and residential premises. The agreement on the construction of the building complex was signed by Kazakhstan and the UAE in 2009. The developer was Aldar Properties PJSC, a construction, management and investment company headquartered in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

As a result of the survey work, a point cloud was generated – a three-dimensional data array that captures the geometry of the premises with millimetre accuracy. Using the point cloud, a BIM model of the premises was built, which included the main and auxiliary structural elements: load-bearing columns, beams, ceilings, stained glass systems, water supply and drainage systems, heating, ventilation, power electrics, low-current networks.

In addition to the laser scanning results and data processing, Trimetari Consulting provides access to the company’s cloud service. The service allows you to view, measure, annotate laser scanning data directly in the cloud, without installing additional software. The service has proven to be a convenient and efficient solution for collaborative project work.

Laser scanning and BIM modelling works were carried out to create an interior design project. High measurement accuracy, detailing, error minimisation, speed and efficiency are the main arguments in favour of using the technology.