Oil depot of Gazprom Neft. Image from the company's website.The company “Trimetari Consulting LLC” was announced the winner in the tender for the right to conclude a contract on laser scanning of a number of oil tank farms of Gazpromneft-Terminal. As part of the comprehensive reconstruction program for Gazprom Neft oil storage facility, which is being implemented by Gazpromneft-Terminal, engineering surveys are envisaged, including laser scanning. Since the complex reconstruction project should not affect the provision of regions of Russia with fuel, it is implemented without stopping technological processes. As a result, work on laser scanning of oil depots will be carried out without interrupting production.

“Gazpromneft-Terminal” is a subsidiary of “Gazprom Neft”, is engaged in the storage, transshipment of fuel and oil products. Dozens of oil depots that are part of the company’s economy are located in various regions of the country, from Moscow region to Siberia. In order to increase economic efficiency, it was decided to transfer the transshipment volumes to larger facilities included in the reconstruction program. This measure will reduce the specific operating costs for transshipment and storage of petroleum products. It is also planned to double the volume of transshipment by 2020 – from 5.8 million tons to 11.8 million tons per year.