In December 2017, Trimetari Consulting LLC successfully completed its participation in the international project of construction control of Burj Al-Rajhi – a 50-story skyscraper in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. During the construction of the tower, modern technologies were used, including building information modeling (BIM). The goal of the project is to create an executive 3D-model of the skyscraper using laser scanning.

At the field stage, 3D laser scanners of German companies Z+F and Faro were used. When surveying interiors, the main attention was paid to engineering networks, multi-level communications laid under the ceiling of each floor. It is impossible to fix the position of the large number of pipes, air ducts, cable trays by any method other than laser scanning.

The point cloud obtained after laser scanning was transformed into RCP format and later processed in Autodesk Revit. The Revit BIM model corresponds to the real construction with high accuracy. 3D-model allows for further design with a minimum number of intersections (spatial collisions), which saves the general customer time and money during the construction and installation works, and simplifies the work of designers.

Burj Al Rajhi – the fourth tallest skyscraper in Saudi Arabia, was completed in 2017. The 205-meter building was designed by the famous American architectural bureau Skidmore, Owings and Merrill. The tower has a commercial purpose, part of the space will be allocated for the headquarters of Al-Rajhi Bank.

Trimetari Consulting performs laser scanning for the purpose of construction control in Russia and worldwide. The company has accumulated a lot of experience, incl. laser scanning of unique high-rise buildings and structures.