In April 2016, specialists of Trimetari Consulting completed a laser scanning project at the Sayanal factory (the Republic of Khakassia, Russia), part of RusAl group. Sayanal is the largest Russian plant for the production of foil and packaging materials based on it. The plant is the leader of the Russian foil-rolling industry in terms of output and variety of assortment. Aluminum for foil production is delivered to Sayanal from a nearby Sayanogorsk aluminum plant.

The results of laser scanning were used to upgrade and replace part of the equipment for the production of aluminum foil. Foil rolling machine is a rather complex mechanism with a lot of parts and communications. During the modernization it is necessary to take into account the factors of spatial position and orientation. Laser scanning allows you to maximally accurately use information of geometry of existing equipment and communications and design a replacement, taking into account possible spatial collisions. This kind of design significantly eliminate problems when installing new equipment, reduce the overall time of work and production downtime.

Trimetari Consulting employees not only performed 3D imaging and subsequent data processing, but also presented laser scanning results to equipment manufacturers, as well as conducted the necessary training in working with laser scanning data at customer offices in Germany.