Laser Scanning of the Annunciation Iono-Yashezersky MonasteryIn May 2021, as part of the pilot project of the Innotech XXI Charitable Foundation for the Support of the Revival of Russian Church Architecture, Trimetari Consulting LLC specialists carried out work on laser scanning of the Annunciation Iono-Yashezersky Monastery. The work included scanning the complex of monastic buildings, as well as the preserved Transfiguration Church. The work was carried out with the aim of fixing the state of the decaying monument of history and architecture.

Laser scanning works were carried out within one day using 3D laser scanners Leica ScanStation P40 and Leica RTC 360. To fix small details of facades, losses, the survey was carried out with increased density. GNSS measurement of the monastery areaThe stations were installed taking into account the visibility. High-resolution HDR photography was taken at each station. A geodetic network was created and fixed at the object, which served as a geodetic basis for the subsequent georeferencing of the point cloud to the local coordinate system. The measurement of the coordinates of the reference points was carried out using satellite equipment.

The work was complicated by the lack of roads to the object and mobile communications, the high water level in the monastery and the adjacent territory. The delivery of the equipment had to be organized using not only automobile, but also water transport – a rowboat. The Iono-Yashezersky monastery is considered one of the most inaccessible in the Russian North. The monastery, founded in the 16th century, is included in the list of historical and architectural monuments as a monument of monumental monastery architecture. Lack of funds and patrons of art, inaccessibility threaten the safety of the monastery complex, which has already suffered a number of significant losses: in the 1990s, the wooden church of the Annunciation of the Most Holy Theotokos burned down, the bell tower of the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord was lost, almost all the remaining buildings are in a ruined state. The monastery requires complete restoration.

The Innotech XXI Foundation was created in 2020, the organization’s task is to create an electronic register of architectural objects belonging to the Russian Orthodox Church, incl. monuments of architecture, carrying out the necessary repair and restoration work. The Foundation works with the support of the Expert Council of the Russian Orthodox Church for Church Art, Architecture and Restoration (ESCIAR), the Union of Restorers of Russia, the Moscow Architectural Institute and other expert communities.

Trimetari Consulting performs laser scanning of architectural objects in Russia and abroad. The company has accumulated extensive experience, incl. on laser scanning for solving restoration problems.