On 17 April 2024, the meeting “Yusupov Palace on Liteiny: Conservation Strategies and Development Scenarios” was held in the palace of Z.I. Yusupova. The discussion, timed to coincide with the UNESCO International Day for the Protection of Monuments and Historic Sites, was organised by the organising committee of the Golden Tresini Award and the World Club of Petersburgers.

In his welcoming speech Yuri Vitalievich Mudrov, Director of the State Museum “St Isaac’s Cathedral”, Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, expressed open interest in discussing the concept of restoration, adaptation and use of the unique building transferred to the museum, stressed the peculiarities that arose as a result of the exploitation of the palace by the previous owner.

Representatives of museum, architectural and design communities, investors made presentations. General Director of Trimetari Consulting M.N. Anikushkin spoke about the company’s experience in laser scanning of the Anichkov, Great Peterhof, Gatchina, Mariinsky, Tavrichesky palaces, the Small Hermitage building, and other significant cultural heritage objects, presented the possibilities of the company’s cloud service for joint work with laser scanning data, and mentioned the promising trend of digital twins of buildings and structures, especially relevant for large museums managing complex buildings and complexes.

Photo source: Organising Committee of the Golden Trezzini Award