Kyshtym Copper Electrolyte Plant. Photo from the company website.In April 2021, a project on laser scanning of the shops of the Kyshtym Copper Electrolyte Plant, located in the Chelyabinsk Region, Russia, was completed. The work was carried out to collect initial data for the further construction of an information 3D model of the enterprise as part of the reconstruction design.

The data collection effort resulted in a point cloud and a set of Leica TruView spherical panoramas. Together, these data represent an exhaustive material for constructing a 3D model of the enterprise.

The Kyshtym Copper Electrolyte Plant is one of the oldest metallurgical enterprises in the Urals, founded in 1757 by the legendary Nikita Demidov, a representative of the famous industrial dynasty of the Demidovs. Today, the main activity of KMEZ, which is part of the RMK group, is fire and electrolytic refining of blister copper, processing of copper scrap and waste containing precious metals, production of copper cathodes, wire rod, and precious metals. The RMK Group includes eight mining enterprises, a hydrometallurgical plant, three metallurgical plants and a trading company. They carry out a full production cycle – from the extraction and processing of ore to the release and sale of finished products. RMK is one of the largest copper producers in Russia.

The company Trimetari Consulting performs engineering surveys using laser scanning, among the company’s clients are a number of large metallurgical enterprises in Russia: Polyus, Polymetal, Krastsvetmet, etc.