Point cloud of facades and roofing of outbuildingsIn February 2017 Trimetari Consulting LLC performed laser scanning of the building of Ballet Theater named after Jakobson, St. Petersburg, Russia. As a result of laser scanning, a point cloud with a mean-square error of 4 mm was obtained. The work was carried out with the Leica ScanStation C10 laser scanner. The results are presented as a point cloud in Autodesk RCP format, Leica Truview panorama service with the ability to measure and annotate, as well as a set of measurement drawings including facades, sections and details. On the drawings of the facades it was necessary to show the lost fragments.

The field stage – directly laser scanning of the facades – was performed in one day by a team of two specialists.

Drawing of one of the facades with lossed parts markedOffice processing took three weeks. With the help of the laser scanning, comprehensive information was obtained, which makes it possible to prepare the design documentation in the shortest possible time without additional measurements. An important feature of laser scanning is the presence of a 3D virtual copy of the object in the form of a point cloud, which reduces the need for additional visits to the object to a minimum. If you need to clarify a parameter of the building, have additional dimensions, you can refer to a point cloud or spherical panoramas without going to the object.

The building, where the ballet theater is currently located, was built in 1834-1835 by the architect Krasnopevkovy. In the past, the building housed the Main Administration of State Breeding, the State stable.