Laser scanning of Tavricheskiy PalaceIn December 2019, Trimetari Consulting LLC performed a complex of works on laser scanning and office processing in order to obtain initial data for the restoration of the interiors of the Tavricheskiy Palace.

To design the restoration of the offices “Moldova”, “Azerbaijan”, “Armenia”, “Tajikistan” and “Kazakhstan” it was necessary to perform an architectural measurement of the interiors, to obtain detailed information on the geometry of both the premises themselves and the decor, stucco molding, door and window openings, joinery fillings and painting.

Orthoimage of the architecture detailThe restoration bureau “L’vy Peterburga” and the restoration and construction company “Vodoley Plus” turned to our company for help and services in architectural measurements.

Laser scanning works were carried out within one and a half days using a Leica ScanStation P40 laser scanner. To fix small elements, protrusions and lines, the survey was performed with a high density. The large number of measurements taken helped to reflect the most complex geometry, as well as very accurately describe the slopes of walls and ceilings. To reduce the occurrence of shadow zones, the stations were installed with the greatest visibility in mind. In order to display real colors and for the convenience of working with laser scanning data, high-resolution photographs of the cabinets with an extended dynamic range HDR were made at each station. Office processing of laser scanning data was performed in Cyclone software package and included: import and registration of data into a single point cloud, filtering measurements from “noise”, orientation of laser scanning results into a conventional coordinate system, creation of TruView spherical panoramas.

Orthoimage of the architecture detailThe result of the laser scanning work was a 3D point cloud, painted in real colors of objects, on the basis of which the restorers independently made dimensional drawings (plans, unfolded walls, ceilings and floors, drawings of architectural details), according to which further design was carried out.