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Development of a Virtual 3D Model of Denisova Cave in the Altai Mountains for Virtual Environments and Web

Laser Scanning of Denisova Cave in the Altai MountainsDenisova Cave in the Altai Mountains (Siberia, Russia) is a world famous Paleolithic site (51° 23′ 51.29″ N, 84° 40′ 34.34″ E). Regular archaeological excavations are being performed here since 1982, more than 20 cultural layers were revealed, and more than 80000 finds were collected. In 2008, a new branch in human evolution was discovered based on finds in the Denisova Cave [1]. So it is an actual task to digitally preserve this unique object using up-to-date methods of 3D documentation: i.e. to create virtual (digital) 3D model of the cave and most important finds, and visualize results of archaeological research based on this model. (read more…)

Rescue archaeological excavations at Cape Okhta in Saint Petersburg

Nyenschantz - a Swedish fortress built in 1611. Carolus bastion before performing of 3D Laser ScanningIn summer and autumn 2010 specialists of “Trimetari Consulting” have supported a project of scanning of archaeological excavations at Cape Okhta in Saint Petersburg. Historical significance of this area was firstly noticed already in the 90s of the last century, but serious studies started in 2006 by research institute “Nasledie”. The unique historical objects have been found, such as a number of Neolithic sites, remains of the fortifications of Landscrona and Nyenschantz, XIV and XVII century respectively. (read more…)