Transport infrastructure

Topographic Mapping of King Khalid International Airport, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Topographic mapping of the airportIn February 2016, the specialists of the company Trimetari Consulting LLC handed over the latest report materials on the project of the topographic mapping of the King Khalid international airport (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia). Laser scanning of the airport was required for a large-scale reconstruction in connection with a sharp increase in passenger traffic. In 2000, 8 million people used the airport’s services, in 2010 – 13 million, now the air harbor serves more than 25 million passengers a year. (read more…)

Laser scanning of highway tunnels in Sochi

3D laser scanning of a tunnel portalTrimetari Consulting Company took part in the program on construction and modernization of the transport infrastructure of Sochi, in accordance with the construction of Olympic facilities and development of the city as a mountain resort. Under the contract with the Federal Road Agency in February-March 2012, Trimetari Consulting Company  performed operations on 3D laser scanning of the road tunnels on the highways A-149 “Adler – Krasnaya Polyana” and A-147 “Bypass Sochi”.

The total number of the scanned tunnels is 11, all of them are located near Sochi, Russia. The aim of work is filling the electronic database by objective spatial data on the actual condition of tunnel structures at the federal roads. (read more…)

Laser scanning of international airport terminal Pulkovo 2

3D scanning of the roof of the monumentPulkovo is the only airport in St. Petersburg, the third largest in Russia in terms of passenger traffic. The airport has two terminals: Pulkovo-1 is designed to serve passengers of domestic flights and part of flights departing outside Russia, Pulkovo-2 – international airlines.

An architectural monument of Stalinist neoclassicism – the Shosseinaya airport terminal (the name of the airport until the seventies), built in 1951 to the project of architect A.I. Gegello. The interiors of the central hall and a number of rooms are finished with a lot of decor, ceilings with picturesque panels, bas-reliefs.
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Laser Scanning of the underwater roadway tunnel from The Saint Petersburg Flood Prevention Facility Complex

 St. Petersburg Flood Protection Barrier. Point cloud is a result of laser scanning.In May 2011, Trimetari Consulting LLC performed a laser scanning of the Russian underwater tunnel, which is part of St. Petersburg Flood Protection Barrier (FPB). The construction of the unique hydraulic structure including eleven dams, six culverts, two navigation openings and six-lane highway that runs along the crest of the dams and makes out 25 km with bridges, tunnels and interchanges, was launched in 1979. In August 2011, the FPB was put in commission. The tunnel is considered to be the longest underwater tunnel in Russia. (read more…)