Территория гостиничного комплексаIn November 2013 the Trimetari Company performed laser scanning of the hotel complex in Moskovskaya Region, Russia. The square of the territory for 3D laser scanning made around 2 ha, on this territory the interiors of all the buildings and constructions, as well as facades, basements and roofing were scanned.

The main problem to be solved with the help of laser scanning and BIM modelling is to provide up to date information on the condition of the whole object for the design of a large-scale reconstruction. The contracting authority used Autodesk Revit Software for the creation of BIM model from the point cloud data.      

Процесс лазерного сканированияThe fieldwork was carrid out by 3D laser scanner  FARO Focus3D Multisensor: 585 stations for 10 working days. To speed up work, simultaneously we fulfilled the data processing of the new coming field data – registration of all data into a single point cloud followed by filtration. After merging of all the scanned data into one single cloud we reached a 2 cm RMS error of the data registration, which is a good result taking into account the volume and the size of the scanned area.      

BIM (Building Information Modeling) —information modeling or a building model. A three-dimensional model of a building or another construction project associated with the information database, in which each element of the model corresponds to additional attributes. The special feature of the approach is that the building project is designed as a single unit. So the change of any of its parameters entails automatic change of other related parameters and objects, up to drawings, visualizations, specifications and a timetable.

BIM has two main advantages over CAD:
1. 3D models and objects are not just graphics objects, its information allowing to automatically create drawings and reports, perform analysis of the project, simulate the work schedule, operation of facilities, and so on. It provides unlimited opportunities for designers and builders to make the best decision taking into account all available data.
2. BIM supports a distributed team, so people, tools and tasks can use this information effectively and jointly throughout the life cycle of the building, eliminating redundancy, re-entry and loss of the data, errors during their transmission and transformation.
Today terrestrial laser scanning is the most effective technology for obtaining a three-dimensional model of a building at any stage of construction for its further use in BIM.


Облако точек, представленное в виде панорамы

Besides the point cloud we provided the customer with FARO Webshare panorama sights for him to recover the BIM-model. FARO Webshare service allows you to represent a point cloud as a set of panoramas and base maps. By switching from station to station on the map, the user can look through panoramas, produce measurements, perform analysis of the characteristics of the object. FARO Webshare service makes access to data simple, requires no special software to work with laser scanning data. Furthermore, FARO Webshare objects are located on a server that facilitates access and data exchange.


Облако точек, представленное в виде панорамыAt present, more and more companies in Russia use BIM-approach for the design, construction and operation of buildings and structures. BIM allows you to reduce costs for design and construction by means of more effective management of engineering and spatial data, and to strictly control the construction schedule.