BIM-model of the oil pump station - the result of laser scanningIn January 2018 the specialists of Trimetari Consulting LLC performed the work on laser scanning and creation of the BIM-model of the multiphase pumping station located on the territory of the Upper Salym oil field, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District. The history of Salym field, located in the Tyumen region, Russia, began almost 20 years ago with a little development and has reached our days as a major project for oil production. The annual production volume exceeds 6 million tons.

Trimetari Consulting LLC began to conduct surveying using laser scanning in October 2017. Further the processing of data took time, the processing consisted of creation a full-fledged BIM-model of the industrial facility with use of point clouds. 

The part of point cloud of the oil facilityThe laser scanning of the oil facility was carried out with the Leica ScanStation P40 laser scanner, the subsequent information modelling was carried out in Autodesk Revit environment. There were about 500 million points in the point cloud, obtained by laser scanning. The point cloud with high detail describes the geometry of the process equipment, building structures and communications located in the work area.

All objects of the received BIM-model (equipment, pipelines, stop valves, carrying metal structures) have an exact location, orientation and size. All elements of equipment in the information 3D-model have technical passports, data sheet. Each element of BIM-model contains accurate information about its weight, as well as a number of other engineering parameters. BIM-model created in Autodesk RevitEngineering documentation is included in the working file of the BIM-model and can be opened right there, which greatly simplifies the problem of managing engineering documentation when solving various tasks of operation of the oil facility. With the help of the information model it is possible to train personnel, control engineering systems, and quickly provide all participants in joint work with information on the design, parameters and characteristics of the process facility. In addition, it becomes realistic to create a single database for all sections of the project. When using the BIM-model of an existing object, it becomes possible to detect collisions and design errors before the beginning of future construction or reconstruction.

Trimetari Consulting LLC has accumulated significant experience in laser scanning and BIM modeling. The possibilities of 3D laser scanning for the industry are described in the article Industrial construction, part of the work done on laser scanning is published in the Projects section. Laser scanning provides the opportunity to quickly create an information BIM-model of an industrial facility and subsequently use it to improve operational efficiency and as a basis for designing reconstruction of an industrial facility.