TIN model of the open sand pit, created with laser scanningOn request of a private investor in April 2011, Trimetari Consulting LLC performed a laser scanning of a sand pit in the Tver Region, Russia. The purpose of the work is a calculation of the volume of sand, available for open cast mining and, as a consequence, the estimation of the profitability of the sand pit.

Mobiscan makes laser scanning of the sand pit for volume calculationThe total area to be surveyed was more than 60 hectares. There were differences in elevation up to 18 meters. The laser scanning was carried out with the use of a «stop-and-go» mobile laboratory “Mobiscan”. Mobiscan, equiped with a pneumatic telescopic mast and a hydraulic stability system curtails the time of the field stage of the terrestrial laser scanning, reducing it to a single daylight. The work resulted in the report, containing data on the amount of sand in the sand pit.

In addition to the numbers, reflecting the volume of bulk materials in warehouses or open pits, laser scanning allows to make mapping of the excavation area. An inspection map shows changes in the area and allows mining engineers to better plan the excavation and to fulfil the exact control of volume of the massive material. Laser scanning is quite rapid and accurate method for volume calculation of open pits.

Point cloud of a part of the sand pit

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