3D model of the sculpture of Vladimir Lenin, obtained by laser scanning.The main square of Yekaterinburg city, which is called “Ploschad’ 1905 Goda“, had a lot of monuments during its lifitime. Before the revolution, there was the Cathedral on the square, and a monument to Alexander II was established in front of the Cathedral in 1906. In 1918, its place was given to the Statue of Liberty. Then, in 1920, the bust of Karl Marx was installed instead on the same pedestal. A few months later, the Monument to the Liberation of Labor was erected instead of the bust. In 1930, the Cathedral and the monument were blown up. A huge tribune was installed in the center of the square. Finally a monument to Vladimir Lenin was erected on the podium on November 5, 1957. The monument was designed by the sculptor Ingal. 

In 2013, the local Ministry of Culture decided to renovate the monument, which is an object of cultural heritage. Trimetari Consulting LLC was awarded a contract to make an architectural survey of the monument by means of 3D laser scanning.

 According to the technical scope the drawings with scale 1:20 were created from point clouds as well as a 3D model of the monument. A high-poly mesh consists of 270 000 triangles. The architectural survey deliverables, created by means of the laser scanning, was accepted by the Ministry of Culture successfully.

 The laser scanning technology provides more accurate and much faster architectural measurements comparing with traditional methods. Additionally, results of the laser scanning can be represented as a 2D (flat drawing), and a 3D view. The 3D model of an object is an exact one-to-one copy of it. With the help of the terrestrial laser scanning one can make not only restoration but also archivation of architectural and archaeological objects.

 Trimetari Consulting LLC is a provider of laser scanning services, including renting of laser scanners in Russia and the CIS countries. Various 3D laser scanners are available for hire on a daily and weekly basis.