The staff of land surveying department of «OzGASHKLITI» DUK have been trained on 3D laser scanning by experts of Trimetari Consulting LLC in the customer’s office in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The name of the course is “Laser Scanner Trimble TX5, Software Trimble SCENE, Trimble RealWorks”. The course includes theoretical foundations of terrestrial laser scanning technology, the field work at customer site, as well as processing of point cloud software package acquired OzGAShKLITI.

After the training OzGASHKLITI completed their first project with use of laser scanning. It was surveying and 3D-modeling of a building on Navoi Prospect, Tashkent. The point cloud has been processed into a geometrical 3D-model of the building. Assistance for the project from the stage of the field work up to processing and modeling was carried out by experts of Trimetari Consulting. A little movie shows the final 3D-model obtained by laser scanning.

The government-owned corporation «State Design Scientific-Research Institute of Engineering Surveys in Construction, Geoinformatics and Architectural Land Cadastre» is on the market of Uzbekistan more then 45 years. In the Republic of Uzbekistan OzGASHKLITI is the parent organization for common scientific and technical policy in the field of engineering research, infrastructure and public urban cadastre, reliability study and design of foundations, underground and above-ground construction of buildings and structures. OzGAShKLITI employs about 725 highly qualified specialists in it’s divisions across the country.

“The resources and the position of OzGASHKLITI on the market as well as competences of the experts of Trimetari Consulting are a good foundation for a partnership and joint projects on a promising market of Uzbekistan”,- says Mikhail Anikushkin, CEO of Trimetari,- “At the moment we are considering participation in projects of laser scanning of cultural heritage objects of Uzbekistan, some of them are under protection of UNESCO. In addition, it is economically efficent to apply laser scanning in industrial objects, specifically from oil and gas sector, where OzGASHKLITI is currently works.”