In 2014 Lipetskgeoizyskaniya acquired Leica 3D laser scanner for surveying facades, architectural and industry applications. In January 2015 the company requested Trimetari Consulting to hold a course of terrestrial laser scanning for the staff of Lipetskgeoizyskaniya LLC.  

The course took 5 days, during which participants – most of them were land surveyors – familiarized with the various applications of the laser scanning, acquired knowledge in the theory of 3D scanning, learned to handle a point cloud, carried out practical work using their own 3D laser scanner on their site. Gennady A. Ulyanov, the leading specialist of the Department of Geodesy and Topography said: “On our request the schedule of the course of study was composed entirely on the technology of Leica Geosystems. In particular, a large part of the course was diverted to the practical work on Leica Cyclone point cloud processing software. In addition the experts of Trimetari Consulting provided us with the information about other scanning systems and software, available on the Russian market. It appeared to be most welcome as we do not want to be limited by one manufacturer and we were interested to learn the opinion of practitioners of other 3D laser scanners and point cloud processing software. At the end of the course, we were eager to run a project on our own, however we stay in touch with the experts of Trimetari Consulting, as their assistance is very helpful.” 

Michael Anikushkin, CEO Trimetari Consulting: “Lipetskgeoizyskaniya operates in the Lipetskaya Region of Russia wich has high investment attractiveness. Growth drivers are Novolipetsk Metal Plant (NLMK Group), and Lipetsk Special Economic Zone. Investments in laser scanning technology can be paid off rather quickly. On our side we are ready to provide comprehensive information and technical support for the first projects of the customer.” 

Trimetari Consulting thanks Navgeocom company, Moscow, for information support in the organization of the course. Navgeocom is the exclusive distributor of Leica Geosistems in Russia. 

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