3D laser scanning of Southwestern CHP plantIn February 2013 Trimetari Consulting LLC performed a geodetic survey of the first power unit of the Southwestern CHP Plant with the use of terrestrial laser scanning . The Southwestern Combined Heat and Power Plant is located in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Laser scanning of existing facilities was carried out in order to create AS-BUILT 3D model for the design of the second stage of the power plant.

The field work was carried out with FARO Focus 3D Multisensor laser scanner and Leica ScanStation2. Digital SLR camera was used to take pictures of the object simultaneously with laser scanning. The images are used for better understanding of the object at the processing stage.

The turbine hall of Southwestern CHP.The office processing consisted of six stages:
– Registration of the laser scanning data, merging into a single point cloud;
Filtering and segmentation of point clouds;
– Creation of a vector modelsteel structures, piping, equipment;
– Editing, merging, optimization of models, exporting to AVEVA PDMS,
– Creation of Leica Truview object ,
The point cloud of the power plant.– Preparation of the report.

The standard error of registration of the scanning data into a single point cloud is 0,008 m. During filtering of the point cloud some noisy and incorrect measurements were removed. Usually this kind of data is obtained from mirror objects or due to staff or machinery, working in the area of laser scanning.

The 3D model of the shop, created with laser scanning
Geometry entities (planes, cyllinders, boxes, cones, extrude objects) were used for primitive modeling. The Russian standard GOST was used for steelworks modeling (beams, angle-irons, channel-bars). The modeled elements were positioned by an automatic and semi-automatic function of fiting geometry to a point cloud.


PDMS model was represented electronically as a set of macro files for loading into the corresponding sites of the PDMS hierarchy. The created 3D model became the basis for the design of the second stage of the power plant.

The 3D model is ready to export into AVEVA PDMS


In addition to the vector PDMS model the specialists of Trimetari Consulting Company have also created the Leica Truview object. TruView is an interpretation of the point cloud. In Leica TruView the laser scanning data are displayed from the position of the scanner. Truview allows one to make measurements and notes and to get the 3D coordinates of the points. All changes can be saved and transferred to other users by the network.



The result of the geodetic survey of the process eqiupment and building constructions of the Southwestern CHP with the use of laser scanning is the 3D model imported into AVEVA PDMS.

The point cloud is represented as Leica Truview object.

The customer received the Truview object and the point cloud of the plant, which can be loaded into AutoCAD, Microstation and other CAD software.

Trimetari Consulting LLC is a provider of laser scanning services, including renting of laser scanners in Russia and the CIS countries. Various 3D laser scanners are available for hire on a daily and weekly basis.