Training on 3D Laser Scanning for «O’zGASHKLITI» Company, Uzbekistan

The staff of land surveying department of «OzGASHKLITI» DUK have been trained on 3D laser scanning by experts of Trimetari Consulting LLC in the customer’s office in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The name of the course is “Laser Scanner Trimble TX5, Software Trimble SCENE, Trimble RealWorks”. The course includes theoretical foundations of terrestrial laser scanning technology, the field work at customer site, as well as processing of point cloud software package acquired OzGAShKLITI. (read more…)

3D scanning of the hotel complex for reconstruction using BIM

Территория гостиничного комплексаIn November 2013 the Trimetari Company performed laser scanning of the hotel complex in Moskovskaya Region, Russia. The square of the territory for 3D laser scanning made around 2 ha, on this territory the interiors of all the buildings and constructions, as well as facades, basements and roofing were scanned.

The main problem to be solved with the help of laser scanning and BIM modelling is to provide up to date information on the condition of the whole object for the design of a large-scale reconstruction. The contracting authority used Autodesk Revit Software for the creation of BIM model from the point cloud data.       (read more…)

Laser scanning for intelligent modeling of Rostov Nuclear Power Plant

Fig 1 - Point cloud of The Rostov Nuclear PlantDespite the fact that the first ground-based scanners appeared back in the last century, one can hardly say that a 3D-scanning laser technology is widely used in the design and construction of industrial facilities. The main reasons are probably the cost of such systems which is still high and the lack of information about how to use them effectively in particular applications. Nevertheless, interest in this technology and demand for it on the market of surveying equipment is growing in geometric progression with every year, and the high cost of the acquisition is more and more compensated by the offers from scanning services providers.
Depending on the project goals and objectives, the laser scanning technology can be effectively combined with 3D-design technologies. (read more…)

3D Laser Scanning of the Monument of Vladimir Lenin located on “Ploschad’ 1905 Goda” Square in Yekaterinburg

3D model of the sculpture of Vladimir Lenin, obtained by laser scanning.The main square of Yekaterinburg city, which is called “Ploschad’ 1905 Goda“, had a lot of monuments during its lifitime. Before the revolution, there was the Cathedral on the square, and a monument to Alexander II was established in front of the Cathedral in 1906. In 1918, its place was given to the Statue of Liberty. Then, in 1920, the bust of Karl Marx was installed instead on the same pedestal. A few months later, the Monument to the Liberation of Labor was erected instead of the bust. In 1930, the Cathedral and the monument were blown up. A huge tribune was installed in the center of the square. Finally a monument to Vladimir Lenin was erected on the podium on November 5, 1957. The monument was designed by the sculptor Ingal. 

In 2013, the local Ministry of Culture decided to renovate the monument, which is an object of cultural heritage. Trimetari Consulting LLC was awarded a contract to make an architectural survey of the monument by means of 3D laser scanning. (read more…)

Laser Scanning Of The Copper Ore Quarry In The Middle Urals

3D model of the quarry, created by use of laser scanningIn 2013, Trimetari Consulting LLC in collaboration with The Institute of Mining of the Russian Academy of Science performed surveying of one of the copper ore quarries of UMMC in order to develop a methodology for monitoring geomechanical processes in the open-pit sides. The quarry is located in the Middle Urals, Russia.

  The reconnaissance of the career 1000 m long, 600 m wide and 150 m deep was made in order to identify the best locations for the 3D laser scanner stations, as well as their quantity, necessary to bring together all the results of laser scanning into a single coordinate system and obtain a single 3D-model of the open excavation. (read more…)

3D Laser Scanning of Southwestern Heat and Power Plant

3D laser scanning of Southwestern CHP plantIn February 2013 Trimetari Consulting LLC performed a geodetic survey of the first power unit of the Southwestern CHP Plant with the use of terrestrial laser scanning . The Southwestern Combined Heat and Power Plant is located in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Laser scanning of existing facilities was carried out in order to create AS-BUILT 3D model for the design of the second stage of the power plant.
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Development of a Virtual 3D Model of Denisova Cave in the Altai Mountains for Virtual Environments and Web

Laser Scanning of Denisova Cave in the Altai MountainsDenisova Cave in the Altai Mountains (Siberia, Russia) is a world famous Paleolithic site (51° 23′ 51.29″ N, 84° 40′ 34.34″ E). Regular archaeological excavations are being performed here since 1982, more than 20 cultural layers were revealed, and more than 80000 finds were collected. In 2008, a new branch in human evolution was discovered based on finds in the Denisova Cave [1]. So it is an actual task to digitally preserve this unique object using up-to-date methods of 3D documentation: i.e. to create virtual (digital) 3D model of the cave and most important finds, and visualize results of archaeological research based on this model. (read more…)

Laser scanning and 3d modeling of Shukhov tower at Shabolovka, Moscow

Shukhov Tower at Shabolovka, MoscowRadio tower at Shabоlovka is a symbol of Soviet radio and television broadcasting, a worldwide known monument of architecture which belongs to the Russian avant-garde. Nowadays it’s more often called “the Shukhovskaya Tower” following the name of its creator Vladimir Grigoryevich Shukhov (1853-1939), an outstanding Russian engineer, corresponding member and honored member of the USSR Academy of Sciences. The tower was constructed in 1919-1922, radio broadcasting commenced in May 19, 1922. During 1937-1967 the tower was also used for television broadcasting. (read more…)

Laser scanning of highway tunnels in Sochi

3D laser scanning of a tunnel portalTrimetari Consulting Company took part in the program on construction and modernization of the transport infrastructure of Sochi, in accordance with the construction of Olympic facilities and development of the city as a mountain resort. Under the contract with the Federal Road Agency in February-March 2012, Trimetari Consulting Company  performed operations on 3D laser scanning of the road tunnels on the highways A-149 “Adler – Krasnaya Polyana” and A-147 “Bypass Sochi”.

The total number of the scanned tunnels is 11, all of them are located near Sochi, Russia. The aim of work is filling the electronic database by objective spatial data on the actual condition of tunnel structures at the federal roads. (read more…)

Architectural measurement of the fasades of several buildings at Lenina St in Murmansk

Measurement of facades by laser scanning in polar night conditionsAn excellent example showing the efficiency of ground-based laser scanning technology in the MobiScan mobile laboratory is the work performed by Trimetari specialists in December 2011 on architectural measurements of a complex of residential buildings in Murmansk.

The need to restore the facades of the buildings due to their technical condition and categorisation as monuments required careful measurements and identification of losses. The buildings are not distinguished by an abundance of decoration or complexity of forms, but their location (the central street of Murmansk), constant traffic and pedestrian flow, as well as the closure of facades with green plantings, required an ambiguous approach to solving the task. In addition, the scanning was carried out in winter, at sub-zero temperatures and in polar night conditions.
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Laser scanning of international airport terminal Pulkovo 2

3D scanning of the roof of the monumentPulkovo is the only airport in St. Petersburg, the third largest in Russia in terms of passenger traffic. The airport has two terminals: Pulkovo-1 is designed to serve passengers of domestic flights and part of flights departing outside Russia, Pulkovo-2 – international airlines.

An architectural monument of Stalinist neoclassicism – the Shosseinaya airport terminal (the name of the airport until the seventies), built in 1951 to the project of architect A.I. Gegello. The interiors of the central hall and a number of rooms are finished with a lot of decor, ceilings with picturesque panels, bas-reliefs.
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Training of laser scanning workflow, organized for OAO “Mostootriad-99”

In September 2011, Trimetari employees conducted a training course on terrestrial laser scanning technology for specialists of Mostootryad-99 OJSC, “DagestanKadastrServeing LLC”, Makhachkala.

The training programme was tailored to the customer’s needs and the course duration was 5 days. Laser scanning training was carried out in the customer’s office, which allows to partially combine the training process with the performance of urgent ongoing work. Also with this approach there is an opportunity to perform practical work on laser scanning at one of the customer’s objects.
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Architectural surveys of facades of historical building in a center of Saint-Petersburg (1, Marsovo Pole)

Architectural measurement of the facade by laser scanning - point cloudOne of the projects currently underway to repurpose buildings in the historical centre of St. Petersburg is the construction of a hotel in the complex of buildings of the former barracks of the Pavlovsk Regiment Life Guards at Marsovo Pole, 1.

The buildings of the barracks are an example of Classicist architecture, built in 1817-1820 by architects Stasov and Timofeev, are dominant in the ensemble of Marsovo Pole. The building area of the trapezoidal-shaped complex with three courtyards is more than 87400 square metres, the volume is 179190 cubic metres. The length of the facade only along the Field of Mars is 155 metres. The bas-reliefs on the attics of the main and side facades are made after drawings by V.P. Stasov.

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3D Laser Scanning of the Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in Ostrov, Pskov Region, Russia

Church of Nikola in Zastenje, 16th century.The Church of St. Nicholas in Zastenie, built from limestone in 1542, is an interesting monument of the Pskov architectural style. The church is located on a small island, washed by the river Velikaya on a both sides. In ancient times there was the fortress, the ruins of which can be found there. The church has a feature, very unusual for orthodox architecture – the altar is placed not to the East but to the North. Presumably northern direction is coincided to the city of Pskov, the founder and patron of his suburban city of Ostrov [1].

In 2012 the restoration of the church was started that required an accurate architectural measurement. (read more…)

Laser Scanning of the underwater roadway tunnel from The Saint Petersburg Flood Prevention Facility Complex

 St. Petersburg Flood Protection Barrier. Point cloud is a result of laser scanning.In May 2011, Trimetari Consulting LLC performed a laser scanning of the Russian underwater tunnel, which is part of St. Petersburg Flood Protection Barrier (FPB). The construction of the unique hydraulic structure including eleven dams, six culverts, two navigation openings and six-lane highway that runs along the crest of the dams and makes out 25 km with bridges, tunnels and interchanges, was launched in 1979. In August 2011, the FPB was put in commission. The tunnel is considered to be the longest underwater tunnel in Russia. (read more…)

Rescue archaeological excavations at Cape Okhta in Saint Petersburg

Nyenschantz - a Swedish fortress built in 1611. Carolus bastion before performing of 3D Laser ScanningIn summer and autumn 2010 specialists of “Trimetari Consulting” have supported a project of scanning of archaeological excavations at Cape Okhta in Saint Petersburg. Historical significance of this area was firstly noticed already in the 90s of the last century, but serious studies started in 2006 by research institute “Nasledie”. The unique historical objects have been found, such as a number of Neolithic sites, remains of the fortifications of Landscrona and Nyenschantz, XIV and XVII century respectively. (read more…)

Topographical Survey of Irganaiskaya Hydroelectric Power Plant by 3D Laser Scanning

Laser scanning of the rocky slope of Irganaiskaya HPP, Dagestan, Russia.

In February and March 2012 Trimetari Consulting performed engineering survey by 3D laser scanning of the rocky slope that is placed above the intake channel and the appurtenance of Irganaiskaya hydroelectric power plant, Dagestan region, Russia. Due to needs of the customer, RusHydro corporation, the work was carried out to obtain topographic maps of scale 1:500 and a three-dimensional terrain model. The 3D-model should be suitable for further detailed engineering geological zoning of the slope, as well as to ensure the design work of rockfall protection. (read more…)